Why doctors prescribe Adderall for children diagnosed with sensory processing disorder (SPD)?

Adderall for SPD
Adderall for SPD

Sensory processing disorder, known as SPD, is a condition where the patient has trouble with multisensory integration. This diagnosis is usually not easy to make as parents generally dismiss learning difficulties and other behavioral problems as part of the growing up phase. Persistent symptoms definitely require care and support for the developing child. Any child who may be regarded as impulsive, difficult, quirky, clumsy, oversensitive or picky with simple things that others may not find it as odd, may require a medical assessment. Children are the most affected by this condition. Since the symptoms are similar to that of ADHD, the drug therapy that is often provided is those that are usually prescribed for ADHD, Adderall being one among them, where people buy Adderall online without any hassle from numerous online pharmacies which sells genuine pills to people.

SPD is usually seen occurring concurrently along with health problems like autism spectrum disorders and ADHD. It is one of those highly potent drugs that have the ability to treat multiple conditions even with off-label use. Hence, even if the child does not have any of the other problems and just SPD, it is still useful in bringing down the symptoms of the condition. This is one of the main reasons why doctors will prescribe Adderall to children with SPD. Let us take a brief look into how Adderall can help children with SPD.

How Adderall helps children with SPD

Treatment for SPD after the confirmed diagnosis is made involves sensory processing therapy and sensory integration therapy. Drug therapy usually includes stimulant medication like Adderall. The prime reason for prescribing Adderall in SPD children is that the drug helps to reduce aggressive behavior, impulsiveness and hyperactivity, and also bring about increased focus and attention to any task. The pickiness and clumsiness can soon be overcome as well. Children with SPD have a better chance of improvement with the drug. Continuous monitoring and proper dose management will help in the long-term. With the integration of other treatment techniques, the child will soon be able to live without the medication. Parents and supportive environments are more essential for the child’s betterment, along with Adderall.

Precautions while administering Adderall to children

When used according to the prescription, the medication is considered as a relatively safe drug to take. For children with SPD, it would be wise to follow a few simple precautions to ensure that the maximum efficacy of Adderall is achieved without compromising on the child’s general health.

  • Always give the child only the exact Adderall dosage as directed by the healthcare provider.
  • Ensure that the social environment is supportive to the child.
  • Store the Adderall pills in a locked cabinet away from the reach of the child to prevent the drug from being abused.
  • Monitor for any side effects or unusual behavioral problems to get them checked with the physician.
  • Always consult with the physician for any queries regarding Adderall use in your child as every person processes medication differently and the results may also vary.
  • It can reduce the appetite. Ensure that your child is getting adequate nutrition from food.