Can use of Provigil induce Psychosis?

Provigil Induced PsychosisThe smart drug provigil to treat alzheimer disease, sleeping disorders and schizophrenia conditions. Let see here about use of this drug induce psychosis. Psychosis is a condition that refers to the abnormal condition of the mind, where you lose the contact with reality. Persons who suffer from psychosis are referred as psychotic. People with psychosis may differ in their personality with others. And based on the severity of the psychosis, persons may behave with unusual behaviour and even they feel difficult to carry out their day to day activities. They may be in their imaginative world of a false belief. Early treatment of psychosis is needed; else it would worsen the situation. They may hurt themselves or others; in short, it would affect their social life the most.

The psychotic disorder may also be caused as a side effect of the medication that the person takes regularly without doctor’s prescription. Few drugs may have their own side effects, so before prescribing a medicine the physician needs to check the patient’s history. Hence it could decrease the risk factor through their medication.

What is Provigil and how to take it?

Provigil is a popular medication that is used in the treatment for increasing wakefulness in persons who feel excessive sleepiness due to some medical ailments like narcolepsy, sleep apnea or shift work disorder (SWD). It is not the permanent cure for the sleep disorders. It might assist in promoting wakefulness.
The ideal time to take Provigil is at morning so that it can prevent daytime sleepiness, or when you are about to start your work to avoid sleep at your work. The drug can be taken with or without meals. Do not overdose the drug that is recommended by the doctor. Follow the instructions as given by your physician, if it is overdosed then seek doctor’s advice immediately. Persons who buy Provigil medication need to be alert until they come to know how Provigil affect their wakefulness.

Can Provigil cause Psychotic disorders?

Regular intake of the Provigil drug may result in Psychotic disorder. It is reported that if patients take the drug at least for a month, it may cause psychosis in females more when compared to the male and with the age ranging from 50 to 60 years.
Provigil drug is not advisable for a person who is affected with Psychotic disorder. If so then it can aggravate the situation as it can increase the Psychotic symptoms like feeling anxiety, hallucinations ( Sensing something to be present which is not really there, increase in talking to themselves, increased activity, depression, committing suicide, hurting others or themselves ( aggressive or violent behavior in public ) and any other mental problems.

Other side effects of Provigil

When Provigil is taken on a regular basis, it may cause skin rashes, allergic reaction, skin blisters, peels, sores in the mouth , affects blood cells, liver, trouble in breathing or swallowing, swelling in legs, dark urine, swelling in the face, lips etc. These are life threatening symptoms and it can go worse if it is not treated immediately.