Can Provigil augment schizophrenia treatment?

Provigil has a very good market record considering the statistics of last few decades. The first formulation hit the market in the 1970s and till now Provigil has the scope for treating a lot of medical conditions. It was recently that the researchers found that Modafinil, the generic name for Provigil can treat alzheimers disease and also help treat the schizophrenia condition. Usually amphetamine is used for treating the condition but its side effects and narcotic stress makes it a least favorable candidate for the job. Whereas Provigil can help reduce the fatigue and sedation caused to the anti-psychosis medication used for treating schizophrenia. There is an upper hand for the Provigil when compared to amphetamine due to is pharmacokinetic reasons as well as the biochemical effect on the user. Fewer side effects are another reason why one should prefer Provigil over other competitors.

schizophrenia treatment
schizophrenia treatment

How does Provigil work with a schizophrenic brain?

Schizophrenia is technically a mental disorder that affects a person’s ability to maintain social brain-like behavior, loss of personality, delusions, social agitation, aggression, etc. Provigil was initially used to control the side effects of the anti-psychotic drug but later the drug itself proved to help in the therapeutic treatment of the condition.Scientists have found that Provigil inhibits the dopamine re-uptake process, but there are a couple of processes that take place due to which this drug really helps it alter the brain activity.
In a normal person, the Provigil administration was found to increase the brain’s ability to process information. It decreases the sleepiness and keeps the brain agile and alert such that the user feels fresh and energetic to carry on with his work. This action is what makes Provigil a perfect candidate for treating schizophrenia. After purchasing and taking Provigil, there are some significant changes in the patients like decreased symptoms of the social behavioral disorder. Most patients start to develop an order in their thinking pattern upon long term usage of modafinil, but the complete success of the drug is yet to be verified by the medical society.

Why should you go with Provigil to treat schizophrenia?

The exact mechanism of action or therapeutic action of modafinil is yet to be studied, but the years of user experience prove that it has fewer side effects compared with other drugs in the same class. So less number of adverse effects would stand in favor of Provigil. Another important reason is that Provigil has less scope for addiction. The biochemical interaction is well tolerated such that the Provigil tends to rarely form dependency, although the user may get addicted upon severe abuse on a long term basis. The patients being treated with other cognitive enhancers feel many side effects like a change in the sleep cycle, drowsiness and lack of alertness, whereas all these effects are well compensated by Provigil as its doesn’t affect the sleep pattern of the user, and also enhances the alertness and concentration of the user. Apart from treating schizophrenia, People buy Provigil to enhance cognitive and logical ability of the brain, so its usage is nevertheless justified to be safe.