Does Adderall really make you smarter?

adderall smart drugIt is the most frequent question which is asked by the patients who are willing to take the Adderall or are prescribed to take it. The drug works on the chemicals in the brain that is unbalanced due to some stress or any other shock which makes the patients unable to focus on their studies or official work.

This medication is commonly known as Adderall – smart drug and it makes you smarter by working on the brain to treat the panic attacks or any other stress on the mind of the patients but the problem with this drug is that it is being misused too much among the youth. The brain has to deal with many problems. Sometimes it leads to Alzheimer. Adderall for alzheimer has been known as the effective medicine for people dealing with Alzheimer disease

How Adderall actually makes you smart?

The drug commonly named as Adderall will likely to be the combination of some two chemical substances, and they are amphetamine as well as the dextroamphetamine. These two components Amphetamine and the dextroamphetamine are basically CNS stimulants, CNS stands for central nervous system. Adderall is a drug that actually affects the chemicals combination present in the human brain and the nerves which actually contributes to the impulse control and the disorder of hyperactivity.

Adderall has the benefits to actually enhance the brain which also includes the increase in alertness, focus on the patient and also quite useful in the improvement of some types of memory in some cases.Some research has done on it and it had been showed that in some normal patients, it also stimulants the significantly and the consistently improvements in learning of the material that was to be recalled some days later, and that’s what the student need from a drug to score well in their upcoming exams. This can be the reason why the college student uses Adderall drug which would later lead to abuse of this medication.

The drug, Adderall shows the very good results in Improving the judgment and decision-making the ability of the person. It also actually reduces the confusion among them and the patient feels more confident.

There was one research which was actually done on about 36 women and men who were very normal and it was found that they seem to choose to delay the gratification and ends up receiving some larger monetary rewards when they were given amphetamines and then they agreed to the smaller amount of money very soon.

Misuse of the drug Adderall in the society

The college students throughout the U.S misuse it to get higher marks in their exams and buy the drug Adderall without any prescription, and when they take the drug they usually take overdoses of it, although it do help them but in most of the cases it makes the consumer addictive to it and in long term addiction, this drug becomes dangerous to the students because when the brain is so much imbalanced to focus more till some certain levels, and when the mis balancing level of the brain is crossed it damages the brain and can cause very serious side effects to the abusers.